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Highly Designed Takeaway Packaging That Can Boost Your Business

Highly Designed Takeaway Packaging
Highly designed takeaway packaging can make a difference as people are willing to order food online. Some brilliant ideas introduce here!

In today's fast-paced world, where things change quickly, everyone values their time. In order to save time, a large number of people choose to eat out or order takeaways. That brings the takeaway industry prosperity. And the prosperity of the takeaway industry has brought a new industry, which is the packaging of takeaway food. We can regard packaging as a ladder between consumers and producers. In addition to the responsibility of holding food, for some food industry owners, qualified food packaging also needs to be combined with the brand concept and the image of the restaurant to truly play a role in publicity. What's more, when you are designing takeaway food packaging, food safety should always be the priority. We must ensure that the packaging that comes into contact with food is harmless to the human body. This is also the philosophy that TrustPrints has always adhered to. In the past few years of business activities, we have always kept the bottom line of food packaging and provided every consumer with environmentally friendly and harmless food packaging. In the following content, I will list some special food packaging for your reference.

Beautifully Designed

Highly Designed Takeaway Packaging

We all know that packaging with exquisite patterns is appear to consumers since everyone in the world naturally prefers beautiful things and is willing to stop their steps for them. Even if your food doesn't taste very delicious, with fantastic packaging, I'm still willing to pay for them. This is the power of packaging.

Just like the takeaway coffee cup shown in the picture, it informs everyone who has seen it that there is coffee in it. It is well-designed. The most classic brown with a simplified coffee pattern looks calm and lively at the same time, achieving a dual combination of stability and flexibility, which is impressive.

Highly Designed Takeaway Packaging

When designing the pattern for it, the designer boldly took different pure colors as the background, getting the whole box look completely different from the general fried chicken box. Like the takeaway coffee cup mentioned above, the designer of the takeaway box also printed the elements of fried chicken on the box. Not only that, but there are also pictures of Coke, straws, French fries, ketchup and more on the box. This is for two reasons. First, all the patterns are arranged in a certain order, neither crowded nor abrupt and different elements are harmoniously presented on the box. This makes the takeout box look very memorable. When a consumer carries a box like this down the street, it invisibly advertises the restaurant.

In A Special Shape

Highly Designed Takeaway Packaging

To increase sales, besides the efforts on the packaging, many cafes and restaurants will also use specially shaped takeaway boxes to boost sales. Take the takeaway coffee cup shown in the picture for example. We all know that freshly made coffee is usually heated, which requires coffee shops to add extra design to their takeaway coffee cups, otherwise, it will be difficult for customers to hold the coffee firmly at the risk of getting burned. The most common method is to add a 'handle' to the outside of the cup to protect customers from heat. But gradually, another special design was getting popular and spread quickly. That is Double Wall Ripple Paper Cups. This kind of cup does not need to add an extra handle for it to prevent customers from heat, it depends more on the unique shape of the cup itself, which is the wavy lines on the side of the cup. These wavy patterns, which mimic the shape of waves, together with the beautiful color, make it look particularly exquisite.

We all know that hundreds of cups are made every day on Earth, and a lot of cups end up in the trash at the same time. That being said, if your takeaway coffee cup isn't biodegradable, it will cause great damage to the environment and make the increasingly severe environmental problems worse. At TrustPrints, we only sell environmentally friendly products, so if you're an environmentalist, you don't have to worry about buying non-biodegradable products from us.

Highly Designed Takeaway Packaging

There is also a cleverly designed takeaway box, designed to provide a solution to the situation where there are no partitions in takeaway packaging. Obviously, when a wide variety of food has been ordered, the ordinary takeout box is not enough to meet this need. The only way to avoid mixing up all the food is to increase the number of takeaway boxes. But that's not an environmentally friendly or cost-effective way. And that's where the multipurpose takeaway box comes out. This design of takeout box is designed for the seasoning of extra space so that when the restaurant packaging food, food, and seasoning will not be mixed, making the food taste delicious bad. For consumers, such a takeaway box will make them deeply impressed with the restaurant. Because when consumers see such a design, they can also feel that they are valued.


I believe that everyone is familiar with the takeaway box. For cafes or restaurants, takeout boxes have an impact on their business. The design of the takeout box not only needs to fit their concept well but also serve as a publicity function. Moreover, it would be nice if your package had a notation on it helps special populations to finger out whether the food is edible for them, like not for diabetics, not for hypertensive patients and so on. There are a lot of packages that don't cover this so when you take this small step, you can differentiate yourself from other competitors. At the same time, it will help you attract some potential customers and promote your brand.