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Packaging: icing on the cake for your new product

Colorful paper ice cream cups with "Delicious Ice Cream" written on it, set against a vibrant and reflective backdrop with shimmering lights.
Shops are willing to launch new items to attract customers and keep them fresh in people’s mind. But in general, these need to be achieved through profitability. Packaging is a great way to drive sales, why not give it a try?

The most efficient way to keep a shop active is to launch the new item constantly. For most of us, when we heard that our favorite store had launched a new item, as the customer, the first welling in our mind is I could try something new. And for the most part, I'll love it. Let's think of it in another way. If a store could support itself to launch a new item, it always means that they are in a healthy and effective running state. We can easily conclude that this kind of shop will not face serious financial problems in a short period. That is the real meaning of launching a new item lies. First of all, it will attract your customers and boost your business. Besides that, your partners would have a good impression of your store, which could make a difference before you realize it. Since launching a new product is such a meaningful event, getting it unique packaging seems not a big deal. On the contrary, it helps a lot.

Beverage Shops


Many beverage shops, like to change and launch new items as the season changes. The most representative is they like to add a lot of ice in the cup during summer while most of the drinks are all hot in winter. But temperature is not the only influencing factor that makes beverage shops change their product list as the season changes. The deeper reason is the fruits vary in different seasons. And we all know that one of the primary raw material of drinks in beverage shops are fruits. There is no doubt that only the seasonal fruit has the best taste and the price is also at the lowest point of the year. For these reasons, beverage shops are more likely to launch a new item as there is fresh fruit appears in the market. As you have put so much effort into it, don't miss the final step, customize proper packaging for it. New stuff attracts attention. With new packaging, customers could be attracted. Items launched with various and exquisite packaging can bring the breath of a new season to the dull that is unaware of the changing of the seasons. When they notice that the cups are different from the usual and taste different, maybe people will sigh "ah, it's a new season".



Be aware that the competition for bakeries is fierce. Once you stop launching new products, you're very likely to be kicked out of the competition. They have to launch a new item to keep their position in this industry until they have established their signature product. But having a signature product doesn't mean they can sit back and relax. It often takes them weeks to produce and test the new item. Moreover, some bakeries also deliver positive energy through their new products. For example, some of them will donate a portion of their profits from new products to organizations in need, such as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, International Endangered Animals And Nature Aid Foundation, and so on. It is another kind of way to fulfill their responsibility to the world. Although their speed of updating products is fast and it doesn't seem to be a cost-effective way to customize unique packaging for one item, it is still necessary to own well-designed packaging for your store to make yourself various from other bakeries. TrustPrints is a manufacturer that majors in producing food packaging. And we have experienced a lot in this industry. In addition to the goods in our store, we also provide you with customization services to make your designs come true.

Fried Chicken Shop


Fried chicken could be on the list of the most popular foods in the world for me. As its name suggested, fried chicken is a kind of junk food. But from my experience, junk food always means it tastes delicious. The world pays more and more attention to physical health and their figure, even the heading brand of fried food like KFC has launched plant-based fried chicken made with Beyond Meat nationwide. They are trying to “create a meat substitute that mimicked the taste and texture of whole muscle chicken, like chicken breast, rather than the ground-up consistency of nuggets.” Its principle is to use vegetable protein to imitate the taste of animal protein, and finally, replace animal protein with the aim of reducing the consumption of meat food and maintaining health. For this new product with a unique design concept, more attention should be paid to the choice of packaging.

Continuing the traditional packaging seems to be contrary to the design concept of this new product. Maybe you should customize a special packaging for it. From another point of view, the launch of this product is to better protect the environment and maintain human health. So   It might be a good direction to use some forest and green iconic patterns in the design of the packaging.


Many shops launch a new item for different purposes. Some of them are going to keep them fresh in the mind of customers to ensure their competitiveness in the market competition. Others may be to assume their corresponding sense of social responsibility. But in general, these need to be achieved through profitability. Packaging is a great way to drive sales, why not give it a try?