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Custom Custom Paper Cup Holder

Custom Paper Cup Holder

  • Not only do they keep your drink steady while you're on the move, but they also show off your store's personality and style.
  • This unique holder is perfect for hot or cold drinks and can be personalized with your brand or favorite design.
  • Plus, it's great for carrying multiple cups at once - perfect for when you need both hands-frees!

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Product Form

Product Parameter

Product Name:Paper cup holder
Customized Sizes:Acceptable
Customized Printed:Acceptable
Application:Various food
Feature:All kinds of take away baverage
Sample:Available if there is stock, but freight cost shall be on your account.

Reference Size

SizeLengthWidthHeight (box)Height (top-bottom)
Double lattices19.5cm10.3cm9.5cm24.2cm
Four lattices18.2cm18.2cm9.0cm23.6cm
Six lattices30.0cm20.0cm8.5cm24.0cm