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This is Why You Always Get the Most Glamorous Packaging

get the most glamorous packaging
If you want to make the packaging looks gorgeous, here are two points you can’t go wrong. The first is making your wrapping paper as beautiful as you can. Second, learn how to fold the wrapping paper.

Have you ever wondered why the shop clerk could always wrap the packaging paper beautifully and makes every gift bag or food they handled appealing so attractive? There are 2 main reasons. Firstly, business owners always tend to customize their own wrapping paper. And both the images and the patterns are specially designed to fit the characteristics of their shops, which makes the wrapping paper exquisite without costing too much. Secondly, they are trained on purpose to wrap. And usually, there are many ways to wrap packaging through wrapping paper, but most of us haven’t noticed them. So, when the practiced shop assistants pack your stuff with their wrapping paper fast and well, people always be shocked and surprised. Since TrustPrints is a manufacturer specializing in providing customized services for people who need wrapping paper, I will show you some beautiful custom wrapping paper and different ways to fold them in this blog.

Food wrapping paper

get the most glamorous packaging

Meat is one of the most welcomed foods in our daily life. But most of us are not equipped with superb cooking skills. That makes people turn the restaurant and stall selling meat to get their loved meat. For some reason, they usually use brown wrapping paper to wrap meat. The picture following is the product in our store. As you can see, it is solid brown. And it is accepted if you want to print your logo or the iconic symbol for your business on it. It is a good way to impress your customer if they like your food.

As for fast food wrapping paper, they are more likely to be elemental variety. Most of them are printed with a lot of repetitive patterns contrary to the meat wrapping paper. Besides that, White wrapping paper with brightly colored patterns is also one of the characteristics of fast food wrapping paper. Whether it is freshly baked bread wrapping paper or sandwich wrapping paper, people can buy from our store. And if you want to pack your food with a more charming wrapping paper, custom service is the most efficient and useful way.

Tissue paper

get the most glamorous packaging

Various food wrapping paper, this kind of paper usually plays a role when the package is required to be brief and elegant. It is a kind of wrapping paper without high strength and might get broken when it is pulled. It is not a wise choice to wrap food in tissue paper. But if you want to make your gift more charming, tissue paper can help you. It has a wide range of applications. Both clothes and flowers are adapted. Especially when people want to send it as a surprise gift for others, this tissue paper can be the icing on the cake. As most of us are not practiced to pack gifts with wrapping paper, it probably does not present the best condition in our hands. Plus this kind of paper is fragile and can crease easily if you're not careful. You might wonder what tissue paper looks like when it is wrapped by a professional. The picture below is the best example.

Ways to fold the paper

get the most glamorous packaging
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqajLQ4w1O0&list=WL&index=1

All the materials you will need include scissors, wrapping paper, stickers, and glue sticks. If your wrapping paper is custom-made and just the right size, scissors won't be needed. But if the size of your wrapping paper does not match the size of what you are going to pack, scissors are still necessary. After confirming the size of the wrapping paper, we can get started.

What comes first is the most traditional way of packaging. The leading step is to cut the wrapping paper to a length just enough to completely wrap the object. You can use creases to separate the entire wrapping paper during the measurement process to make the package look better. It should be noted that the object to be packed is best placed in the middle of the wrapping paper, so as to ensure that both ends of the wrapping paper have enough length to fold. After folding the vacant part of the wrapping paper, add some decorative things to the package, such as beautiful stickers or ribbons. All processes have been done.

The second method is similar to the above in the preparation stage but has different requirements for the length of the wrapping paper. Both the length and width need to be a little more than twice the size of the object to be packaged. Match the length and width of the wrapping paper to the length and width of the object to be packaged, so that the wrapping paper is U-shaped and completely covers the object to be packaged. Then fold the wrapping paper on both sides of the U-shape towards the middle in turn, and then use solid glue to fix them in shape. Finally, the box ends in the usual way. Using this folding method for packaging, because it has been folded many times, although the final packaging effect is unexpected, it is reasonable. The packaged package looks more exquisite and full of lines, which invisibly improves the grade of the entire package.


All in all, with beautiful wrapping paper and skillful ways, you can make your packaging more beautiful. And just like what I mentioned initially, we are a company that specializes in food packaging. All of our products are designed to provide customers with safer, better quality, and more exquisite food packaging. At the same time, we also answer the food packaging problems that our customers face in their operations. If you want to provide the most suitable packaging for your products or want to know more about TrustPrints, you can contact us at any time. No matter at any time, we will have a dedicated client to communicate with you.