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Packaging Analysis: Tips for Creating the Best Takeaway Packaging

Variety of foods including a burger, sliders, fries, and muffins, accompanied by drink cups with Independence Day designs and condiment bottles, all adorned with mini American flags.
If you are looking for the most suitable takeaway packaging for your products, here are a few things you must pay attention to before placing an order to make the packaging.

When we talk about McDonald's and Starbucks, a golden M-shaped symbol and a circular picture of a Siren will appear in our minds, which are the brand images of these two companies. Obviously, these two brands have successfully established their brand images. We can feel the power of the brand image from many aspects. First of all, these two brands have their own branches in almost cities in the world. I had never heard that when people go from one city to another, everything is strange. But when he walked into McDonald's, a sense of familiarity aroused, which connected him with the unfamiliar environment. Secondly, with strong brand images, these two brands even occupy the vast majority of the market share, which means that when people want to drink coffee, the first thing he thinks of is definitely Starbucks. Of course, in addition to spending tens of thousands of dollars, it also takes time to establish a sound brand image like these two brands. For many fledgling brands, this seems impossible. But now here is a way, which is to customize a series of packaging for your products. Compared with McDonald's and Starbucks spending a lot of money on advertising to build a brand image, custom packaging for your products can be seen as the most cost-effective way to build your brand image. But when designing the packaging, there will be a few points that you must pay attention to.

The excessive design has the opposite of the desired effect

Tips for Creating the Best Takeaway Packaging

Some brands blindly pursue "many and complete" when designing food packaging, and want to stack all the elements on it, but this often has the opposite effect. Complicated designs are not the best way to attract customers. As shown in the picture, take green as the background color and add your own logo on top. The overall design looks simple and not lacking in a design sense, and it does not affect the readability of this packaging. This means that consumers can easily identify who made the product on this packaging. For many start-up companies, isn't this a great way to promote their brand?

The products you sell determine what your packaging looks like

Tips for Creating the Best Takeaway Packaging

The importance of packaging to products is believed to be understood by many people. Packaging can promote sales, attract consumers, help build brand image, etc. But in fact, the product has a greater impact on the packaging. It can be said that the product determines what its packaging looks like. Take the most common fried chicken as an example. For fried chicken, it is not suitable if its packaging box uses an overly elegant design. Many people associate fried chicken with heat, high temperature, and frying. These elements have already determined that the design of fried chicken must not be simply white or blue and other cool colors. This is why most of the fried chicken in our daily life is packaged in orange and yellow. Combining yellow with other elements, like the one shown in the picture, looks particularly eye-catching. The packaging even uses a label to achieve closure. This is a design method that cooperates with the overall design, and it echoes with other elements on the packaging so that the entire packaging presents a harmonious state with an artistic effect.

The pattern on the packaging is also important

Tips for Creating the Best Takeaway Packaging

Before the packaging is put into production, the brand must confirm whether the graphic design on the packaging is consistent with the brand image. The degree of fit between different graphic designs and the brand has completely different effects on the brand. The pattern on the packaging, in addition to making the packaging look more attractive, is also a visual communication language. The improvement of modern consumption concepts puts forward higher requirements for food packaging design. In the choice of packaging form, most of them adopt designs that highlight the freshness, deliciousness, and nutrition of food. The graphics mostly use photographic pictures and cartoon images to enhance the sense of reality and image of food packaging. Every pattern and symbol contains a certain symbolic meaning. These symbols convey the brand's information all the time and tell every consumer the characteristics of the product. This is where the power of packaging lies. For example, some brands that pay attention to environmental protection will use a lot of green or brown as logos and patterns when designing packaging. This is because these two colors are easily reminiscent of environmental protection and can be perfectly combined with the brand's concept.

The packaging of takeaway food requires businesses to protect their products more than ordinary packaging because no consumer wants to get messy food. Packaging only makes sense if it ensures that the food served by the restaurant is in good condition. Otherwise, consumers can neither enjoy the pleasure brought by food nor can merchants profit from it. An excellent takeaway food packaging should have good anti-cold and heat changes, changes in temperature and humidity will affect the taste of the food inside the package.


Tips for Creating the Best Takeaway Packaging

Since we have to take many situations into consideration during the packaging design, like the adaptability of packaging and product, how pity it would be if your design was not well manufactured. TrustPrints is committed to providing every customer with the food packaging they want. We use the wood pulp as raw material for our packaging to ensure they do not burden the environment. In addition, we also attach great importance to the impact of packaging on food taste. Our packaging has taken into account the impact of temperature and humidity changes on the food inside. It is also designed to prevent external contamination of food, so that the packaging can effectively block the connection between the external environment and the contents, forming a relatively small "vacuum" zone. In addition, our packaging is made of food-grade materials, which are absolutely harmless to the human body. If you need, please feel free to consult.