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Eco-friendly Food Wrapping Paper You Deserve It

Variety of foods including a garnished hot dog, fruit tartlet, and fried items, alongside custom food wrapping paper with doodle patterns and text.
Have you ever wondered why food wrapping paper can be used to wrap food? Are they really harmless to the human body? How they play a key role in keeping paper takeaway food fresh? In this blog, I will represent a brief introduction about food wrapping paper including the plastic coating, Food-grade wax coating and…

Have you ever noticed that in some restaurants, butchers, Sandwich Shops, and Deli, the clerk always take a very beautiful wrapping paper to pack your food? And usually, the wrappers require very little space, often stacked in multiples next to the clerk's dominant hand. Since they are paper, it is easy to fold them, which makes it even less than 10 seconds for the clerk to pack food. For many people, these wrapping papers look very attractive and are very functional. But I don't know if you have ever thought about why this kind of paper can be used to pack food. Is it really harmless to the human body?

Plastic coating

Eco-friendly Food Wrapping Paper

We all know that paper packaging does not have the same barrier properties as plastics to block water, steam, grease, gas, odor, etc. So coatings are usually required to change this situation. The coating is an additional liquid coating applied to the paper substrate in order to make the paper packaging as waterproof and oil-proof as possible. Early barrier coatings for food packaging were made from synthetic polymeric chemicals called per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). water-repelling) fluoro-saturated carbon chains attached to hydraulic (water-loving) functional groups. This unique structure allows PFAS to easily repel water and fat. Unfortunately, PFAS cannot be easily separated from the paper, which means cycling cannot be repo. The same goes for Plastic coating, which is an extremely common coating that is used in a wide variety of industries, but apparently, the plastic coating on the inside of wrapping paper makes it less susceptible to environmental degradation. Even non-compliant products can cause damage to the human body. For example, McDonald's, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants have detected carcinogenic PFAS in various food packaging consumers, who worry about the safety of food packaging. It is also for this reason that wrapping paper manufacturers have introduced several types of wrapping paper that are easy to recycle and easy to degrade.

Food-grade wax coating

Eco-friendly Food Wrapping Paper

We all know that without coating, drinks cannot be packed in paper cups; packaged snacks in supermarkets will quickly become damp and soft; fast food trays will absorb oil and seep into people's hands or surfaces; not all products require high barrier properties, and paper cannot replace plastic in all applications. But, as people pay more attention to environmental issues, more and more consumers prefer to use environmentally friendly products. Wax and coating could keep the cooked, food f hot after packaging so that people can eat it conveniently on different occasions, which meets the needs of people's fast-paced life today. And they are biodegradable.

In addition, the wax coating has strong antibacterial properties, which means that even if we forget about it for a short time, the wax coating can keep the food inside from being contaminated by bacteria. This is very important for many brands that pay attention to food safety. Because the products produced by these companies are usually supplied to supermarkets, the products produced will not be sold immediately, and there are many links in the middle, such as transportation. This prolongs the time the food is in the wrapper. In this case, if special food wrapping paper is not used, the food inside is likely to be at risk of contamination. The wax coating makes use of the good properties of beeswax to make all the products packaged inside still breathable under the condition of isolating pollution so that the food can be kept fresh for a long time.

PLA coating

Eco-friendly Food Wrapping Paper

What is PLA? Polylactic acid, also known as polylactide, refers to a polyester polymer obtained by polymerizing lactic acid as the main raw material and is usually made of starch derived from renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.). It is a new type of renewable biodegradable material. PLA is non-toxic to the human body and can be absorbed by the human body; it has good degradability. PLA is completely degraded by burying in the soil and being completely degraded by microorganisms in nature under specific conditions to generate carbon dioxide and water, and the generated carbon dioxide directly enters the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants and not discharged into the air, it is a recognized environmentally friendly material.

Other kinds of wrapping papers

Eco-friendly Food Wrapping Paper

Certainly, in addition to the wrapping paper mentioned above, there are also many unique wrapping papers. For example, a company has produced a kind of artificial peel paper, which is made of paper and other materials. It is completed simultaneously with food production on the automatic production line, presenting a transparent state. It is like a layer of "skin" in food, tough and full of strength, and can keep food from deteriorating for a long time. And you just need to peel off the coating when you enjoy it. At the same time, waste paper can also be recycled. A research institute in Canada has developed a solar thermal collector. A research institute in Canada has developed a kind of thermal insulation paper that can convert light into heat energy like a solar collector. As long as the paper is placed in a place where the sun can shine, the space surrounded by the paper will be continuously filled with heat, so that the food inside the paper can maintain a certain temperature, and it is very convenient to eat. Even a research institute in Japan used new technology to make edible wrapping paper that melts when heated, has a certain nutritional value, and uses bean dregs as raw materials.

Since food packaging paper is used in many scenarios and is in direct contact with food, it must be harmless to the human body. TrustPrints is a company specializing in the production of food wrapping paper, you can consult us for any related questions.