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Custom Hot Sandwich Wrapping Paper

Hot Sandwich Wrapping Paper

Jenny is the owner of one Hot Sandwich shop; she said when she was younger, her grandma always made a hot sandwich for her and her sister; it was made from bread, meat, and vegetable. Although it looks simple to make, the taste is the top one. When she grows up, her grandma leaves her away; then she wants to open a shop to remember her best grandma. She hopes people who eat her Sandwich can have a good memory.

TrustPrints make Sandwich wrap paper for Jenny’s shop; the wrapping paper is 180gsm food-grade kraft paper with some eco-friendly printing; the major content on the wrapping paper describes the sandwich material and good thing for the body and some delicious pattern. The variety of designs can be according to the sandwich kind to pack.

“TrustPrints helped me a lot with the packaging paper for my sandwich, at first I had just started my business then I will not need a big quantity, but they helped me do they with low MOQ and gave me many suggestions; I feel so satisfied with the final product I got. Thank you so much!”

Client:Hot Sandwich Shop
Category:Sandwich wrapping paper