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Here are the eco-friendly sushi packaging you need to know

Assorted sushi and sashimi in a custom brand sushi box, accompanied by dipping sauces and edamame beans.
Selecting suitable packaging for your sushi is never an easy work. Maybe this blog will help you for it represent several well-designed environmental packaging for your reference.

We all know that last year's World Cup was held in Qatar. Whether you are a football fan or not, you must have heard a lot of news about it these days, like it may be the last World Cup for Messi and Ronaldo. Beckham has become the spokesperson of the Qatar World Cup. Or, the Japanese team defeated the former World Cup champion Germany 2:1 in the Qatar World Cup group stage.

Qatar, the host of the World Cup, has developed rapidly with its rich oil resources in the past and present. It has been reported that hosting the World Cup is cost more than all previous World Cups combined. Sounds pretty extravagant, right? But that's not necessarily the case. We all know that Qatar is a country with a small land area. Therefore, in order to welcome spectators from all over the world during the World Cup, Qatar deliberately built many temporary housing buildings. These rooms are equipped with some basic facilities. In some influencer videos, we can see the overview of the entire room. But I don’t know have you ever noticed that the hangers equipped in each room in Qatar are made of paper materials. These paper-based materials are very easy to recycle and will not cause damage to the environment. It is also the belief that TrustPrints uphold when producing products. We insist on providing consumers with perfect products without having a bad impact on nature. Next, I will use the packaging of sushi as an example.

Windowed sushi packaging

eco-friendly sushi packaging

Among the existing sushi packaging, this kind of packaging is probably the one that can most intuitively display food. The biggest feature of this kind of packaging is that consumers can clearly see sushi so that consumers have a rough understanding of the product and can help consumers finger out whether they want to buy this product. Of course, for sushi manufacturers, whether you are a sushi supplier specializing in supermarkets or a sushi restaurant, window packaging is a good opportunity to showcase your products. The design of the window opening not only plays a role in protecting and decorating goods but also effectively highlights the characteristics of goods so that packaging and goods can achieve harmonious unity. In addition, it is also a way to save costs compared to another packaging. Less material is used to produce the packaging and energy is saved. Moreover, the window-opening sushi packaging looks particularly innovative and has a great effect on enhancing product value and brand image.

Generally speaking, the window opening position is mostly selected in the middle of the front of the package, but it is also common to open the window on the top or both sides of the package. The shape and size of the window opening are often suitable for people to see the product directly. TrustPrints is a company specializing in customized packaging for food. We can provide you with exquisite packaging according to your requirements.

Sushi box with partitions

eco-friendly sushi packaging

Some sushi needs to be paired with some sauces, such as mayonnaise, eel sauce, soy sauce, etc., to fully stimulate the taste of the ingredients. With the expansion of the food delivery industry, many people choose to get food by ordering online. Ordinary packaging can also achieve this by increasing the number of packages, but it will bring great cost pressure on the merchant. But if they put all sauces together in one packaging, the food would look very unappealing. TrustPrints' packaging box with partitions solves this problem. This is a kind of packaging with its own dividers. It has storage space for each sauce and could accommodate all the products in an orderly manner. When food is packed in the food packaging box, it will neither appear particularly messy due to the variety of food, nor will the food be squeezed or mixed together. What an excellent food packaging design.

One-piece sushi box

eco-friendly sushi packaging

Compared with the above two kinds of packaging, the biggest advantage of one-piece packaging is that it saves space. The one-piece sushi packaging is produced as a plane, and only when it is actually used will it be folded into a packaging box, and the folding time is very short. However, traditional packaging boxes, regardless of whether there are products in the packaging box, are all box-shaped and need to occupy a large space. But a one-piece folding box is different. It is unfolded into a sheet during storage and transportation. For some merchants with limited storage space, the cost savings can be quite a sum. What's more, the one-piece folding box is reusable. Since that one-piece folding box can be directly unfolded and stored when the product is not placed, and the space required is very small. Many consumers prefer to keep them in case of need.


If you are looking for the proper packaging for your sushi, you need to take many factors into consideration. And the very first is the choice of packaging material, packaging material determines whether it can bear the weight of your product. As we all know, sushi is not a heavy product, but it’s not so light. In addition, as environmental issues have attracted more and more attention, some companies that prefer to use plastic as sushi packaging have gradually changed to using paper packaging. This is because paper packaging can not only protect the environment but is also very cheap. Of course, some people may worry that paper materials cannot meet the safety requirements of food packaging. Take it easy. There is a special material in paper, namely food-grade paper material. If such materials want to be sold, relevant test reports must be provided to prove that their products are harmless to the human body. This is also the material used consistently in TrustPrints production. If you have any questions about food packaging or want to find the right packaging for your food, you can start a dialogue with TrustPrints at any time.