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Custom Sushi Gourmet Box with Window

Sushi Gourmet Box with Window

Sushi is the most popular food on this street; we add raw seafood on top of vinegared rice or stir raw seafood and vinegared rice together. The delicious food also finds a partner to make a package for them.

Making Sushi is my favorite thing. I try to make so many different colors and shapes and add different seasonings to them. I tried to find a box that could print the food, safe and not so expensive. I am looking for a simple design box that needs to be elegant. I don’t like the too lovely color because my food is lovely enough. I found TrustPrints to help me make the package. They searched for some designs on the website and asked for my suggestion. When I send a photo to them about the design I am interested in, their designer makes a scale for me. I’m glad to receive it.

Highly recommend TrustPrints for their good service, kind communication, and good quality product. I will order from them again.

Client:Mandy’s Sushi Bar
Category:Sushi box