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Packaging types & Materials

Packaging types & Materials

Everything about the various materials we use and products we make.


What is the paper bag's material?

A paper bag is a bag made out of paper. The most common type of paper bag is the brown paper bag. Paper bags are also made out of recycled paper.

Paper bags are usually made out of two or more pieces of paper. The bottom piece of paper is glued or taped to the side piece of paper. Then, the side piece of paper is glued or taped to the top piece of paper. The top piece of paper has a handle that is used to carry the bag. Paper bags can be recycled.

What material is the handle of the paper bag made of?

The material of the paper bag handles varies depending on the type of handle you choose.

Normally, we provide these paper bag handle choices: Flat Cotton Handle, Cotton Handle, Silk Ribbon Handle, Nylon Twisted Handle, PP Handle, and Paper Handle. Read article>

What is the material of paper cups & paper bowls & takeaway boxes?

Our paper cups & bowls & takeaway boxes are made of food-grade kraft paper.

Food-grade kraft paper is a type of kraft paper that meets certain standards for food safety. This type of paper is often used to line food storage containers or to wrap food products. Food-grade kraft paper must be made from clean, virgin wood pulp and must be free of chemicals and other contaminants.

Food-grade kraft paper is an important tool in the food industry. It helps to keep food safe and fresh while also protecting it from damage during transport.