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The Competition of Different Cup Holders Has Entered a Fierce Stage

A person holding a custom paper cup holder with two black takeaway coffee cups, against a background of green bamboo plants.
If you order coffee to go, there will usually be a cup holder on the cup. It was designed with the aim of prevent customer form the heated drink, or they may get scalded. Take environmental issues into consideration, paper made cup holder would be the better option.

Do you know how strong people's demand for drinks is? As early as the 19th century, the French writer Balzac said, "If I am not at home, I must be at the cafe. If not at the cafe, I must be on my way there." Balzac was a coffee addict, because for writers at that time, the coffee shop was not only a place for them to communicate, but they even got inspiration through coffee. People at that time didn't have many choices of drinks, and for them, coffee was considered a very trendy drink.

But things get changed nowadays. People in the world are constantly communicating after the age of great exploration. For beverage manufacturers, this global connection not only brings them more customers but also means that they need to compete with more peers at the same time. In order to win in this worldwide competition, many merchants attract consumers by increasing the types of drinks. Apparently, this approach worked well. As a result, more merchants also choose to increase their product categories. Thus, for consumers, a world where you can buy any drinks you want emerges. People can buy any drinks they want in the beverage store, which in turn drives the sales of beverages. Almost all of them will choose to buy a drink with their meal, or have bubble tea as afternoon tea.

And with the continuous expansion of the food delivery industry, consumers only need to spend a small amount of money to sit at home and wait for the milk tea to be delivered to their door, which saves them a lot of time. This is why the food delivery industry is booming. But we know that a large part of the drinks that have just been made, such as coffee, milk tea, and tea, have a very high temperature. This makes taking these beverages elsewhere a problem. Many beverage stores will choose to use cup holders to improve this problem. It's a very talented method because it works really well. For the sake of environmental protection, TrustPrints focuses on producing some environmentally friendly paper products, including cup holder tea. There are two most common cup holder papers on the market. One is one piece and the other is Basket shaped.

One piece cup holder paper

Different Cup Holders

When it isn’t in use, this cup holder can be stacked together like ordinary paper. A very large number of one-piece cup holder papers require very little space. And when it needs to be used to pack drinks, you can find that this one-piece cup holder paper has a circular cutout in the middle of the paper that can put the drink cup in. Of course, the size of the cut is not any size that will do, it needs to be confirmed according to the cups. In this way, when the clerk puts the drinking cup in, the circular cutout will just be stuck in the upper middle of the drinking cup, so that the cup will not fall from the middle. And when we pick up the drink through the handles designed on both sides, the whole piece of paper will show a very beautiful curvature, which is very attractive.

Basket-shaped cup holder paper

Different Cup Holders

Basket-shaped cup holder paper is also very popular. Compared with the above one, the basket-shaped cup holder paper occupies a larger space when stored. But it has a very prominent advantage. When the quantity purchased by consumers increases, the structure of the carton is more able to bear the weight. And in order to prevent the beverage from falling over, the basket-shaped cup holder paper can also be divided into two types; one is to increase the depth so that most of the beverage cups are located in the basket. The other is to have slots in the bottom of the basket so that the cups can be firmly stuck in such a design.

Benefits of using cup holder paper

Different Cup Holders

First of all, the biggest advantage of using this design is that it reduces a lot of burn accidents. On the 27th of February 1992, Stella Lie beck was unfortunately scalded by a McDonald's coffee. The accident was so serious that she got 3rd-degree burns. Of course, this does not mean that using cup holder paper can avoid being scalded. We still have to be vigilant when we are enjoying hot drinks. The Cup holder can slow down the impact of the drink cup to a great extent. And compared to holding the cup directly, the Cup holder paper frees up a lot of space for our hands. With its help, we can even hold drink cups and mobile phones with only one hand.

In addition, for many merchants, cup holder paper has another obvious benefit. They can print brand information, patterns, etc. on the cup holder paper so that the cup holder paper can play a role as well as promote the effect. Since the cup holder paper is made of paper, the printed patterns are very exquisite, which is very attractive to consumers.


As I mentioned above, we are a company that focuses on the production of food packaging, and all the products we produce are environmentally friendly, easily degradable, and do not have adverse effects on the human body. Moreover, a very important service provided by our company is customization. We can provide you with special products according to your packaging size and shape. Of course, if you have special requirements for the pattern displayed on the package, you can also send us your design draft with detailed instructions. TrustPrints will provide you with a suitable printing method to the greatest extent to ensure that the final effect meets your expectations. Of course, if you are interested in other products on our website, you can also contact us at any time, and we will arrange for the most experienced staff to provide services for you.