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What cup sleeves can do to promote your business?

One paper coffee cup with a custom cup paper sleeve displaying Korean characters, set on a wooden table alongside another cup and items.
Although cup sleeves have limited design space since they must fit the size of cups, it provides a window to lighten people’s day with charming image and boost sales of the store. It also keeps customers away from the risk of getting burned. Merchants can get a graceful cup sleeve without cost too much. What…

We all know that almost every design was coming out with the aim of make things easier to do or protecting operator through the whole process. The theory also fits well in food packaging design. I guess you have ever heard that some business company once in a crisis of litigation because of their heated drinks get customers injured or their client was scald. In order to reduce injuries, a great number of businesses had taken some measures to prevent the high temperature liquid from human body, such as airtight cups, double-walled cups and Just like what we goanna talk about, cup sleeves. And with the promotion of these measures, business owners found that cup sleeves can not only play a protective role, but they are also an excellent marketing tool.

What can a business owner do with cup sleeves?

cup sleeves

First of all, there are certain requirements for the size of cup sleeves. The reason is obvious, too small cup sleeves cannot completely cover our palms, which is to say, when we are holding the cup, there are always some places that are in direct contact with high temperature places. If you don’t want to get burned, you could not hold the cup tightly; if you want to hold the cup tightly, you must have to endure high temperatures. In this case, the purpose of protection at the beginning of the design will not be reflected at all. And when the size of a cup sleeve is designed reasonably, it will inevitably get a relatively large space. If such space is not well utilized, it will be a big loss for every business owner. But, what business owners can do with cup sleeves?

There is a great way to use the power of printed graphics to attract consumers. For example, merchants can print patterns representing mood on cup sleeves. When the clerk realizes that the consumer's mood may not be so good, he can provide him a cup sleeves with smiley face pattern, or cup sleeves with a sunflower pattern, which may have a mobilizing effect on the consumer's emotions. It is also a good idea to encourage shop assistants offering consumers with cup sleeves with negative emotions when they are in a bad mood. Of course, this is not to bring bad emotions to consumers, but to distinguish the store from other stores of the same type. Just imagine that, when all the cup sleeves provided by the store are stereotyped cartoon villains, or drink cup patterns. But the cup sleeves provided by your store are different every time, and consumers can even receive some negative emotions for some times. Isn’t this special enough? Consumers might think: This is a store with emotions, and it could respond to my emotions. In this way, when a consumer receives cup sleeves representing negative emotions, he may think on the way home: Oh, this clerk seems to be in a bad mood today, what happened to him?

In this way, the store can connect itself well with consumers and increase the stickiness of consumers. Of course, patterns on cup sleeves don't have to be related to the mood, it can also be the weather or the season.

Help merchants hold some promotional activities

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We can often see an activity in some beverage stores. For example, if you spend 7 times here, you can get a free drink. Usually, these kinds of activities will be carried out through a card, and every time a consumer completes a shopping, the clerk will stamp it once. For business owners who need to purchase cup sleeves, they can use cup sleeves to carry out this activity. First of all, when designing a pattern for cup sleeves, you can add a special circle inside. This circular pattern is a voucher, and consumers can use this circular pattern to redeem free drinks at the clerk. Of course, the design of the pattern is best to be artistic, only the exquisite pattern will make consumers more motivated to collect.

Even in the eyes of some collectors, this free drink is not as interesting as the process of collecting cards. For them, it may be more desirable to keep them as souvenirs than redeem them for drinks. And when they have not completed the entire collection process, they will not give up. And they might seek help from their friends. At this time, these consumers have become a powerful booster for store promotion, which can greatly attract customers.

Pay attention to your budget

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Another point that needs business owners especially attention is the cost. The most powerful criterion for judging whether a business activity can continue is profit. Business owners must pay attention to the cost of cup sleeves. We all know that consumers are not willing to pay for some additional designs. We can take some other ways to achieve our goal. For example, when exquisite patterns have been designed on the drink cups, we can use the contrast on the cup sleeves, adopt some simple designs, and choose White, light blue as the background color of cup sleeves. This will not make the whole design look particularly complicated and lack of readability.


All in all, a well-designed cup sleeve can prevent customers from piping hot drinks and lighten the whole day with charming images on it. It also helps making people be your loyal fans. Moreover, since environmental protection factors have increasingly become the focus of people's attention, people are more inclined to choose products that will not cause damage to the environment nowadays. TrustPrints is a company that concentrates on the production of environmentally friendly paper food packaging. All the products we produce will not increase the burden on the environment. Also, just like what I mentioned above, if you're choosing the right packaging for your drink, whether it is mugs or cup sleeves, we've got you covered. Of course, if you have your own unique design on the pattern of the material, we can also provide you with related customized services.