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Custom Custom Paper Coffee Cup Sleeves

Custom Paper Coffee Cup Sleeves

Fresh Drinking makes different taste of juice, coffee, and milk tea. And every month, update a new design package. So they found TrustPrints to help them do the paper cup sleeves.

Fresh Drinking was created by Rachel Winebarger, a store located in Australia. “I first wanted to have a coffee brand and my own store. One day I had the inspiration that everyone has a different mood every day. So I think they will be glad to have a different taste drink. “ I would like to use the paper cup for packaging all the drinks, no matter coffee or juice. So I tried to find a supplier to help me with the package. I would like to use a paper cup with a printed logo. But I always have new design ideas, which is a large cost. But fortunately, TrustPrints give me a good idea! They can make paper cup sleeves for me. I try to do this.

 It’s amazing when I get all kinds of paper cup sleeves. Cute, High quality, and my customer like it. Thank you TrustPrints! I recommend this supplier.

Client:Fresh Drinking
Category:Paper cup sleeves