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Custom 12oz Double Wall Ripple Paper Cups

12oz Double Wall Ripple Paper Cups

Sunshine Cafe is a coffee shop located in Norway. We offer high-quality coffee beans and sell a lot of coffee as breakfast. Typically, Norwegians drink coffee at breakfast and dinner after the meal or with dessert. Then there’s the coffee consumed during the day. Those cups at work quickly add up. The Swedes even have a word for the coffee break, at which something sweet is consumed but always alongside a cup of coffee.

I try to look for all kinds of the coffee cup all over the world. And fortunately, I find TrustPrints. They offer me paper coffee cups and custom our logo on them. Our consumers are glad to see the design. But for some hot drinks, the paper cup is not so good. When people take it, they feel the cup is too hot. So we ask TrustPrints for help. They solve this problem quickly! It’s amazing to add the ripple on the cup surface. The double walls keep the cup cool to the touch, ensuring the outside of the cup doesn't get too hot. Unlike smooth cup noodles, you can hold and drink comfortably.

I will recommend TrustPrints to my friends. It is perfect for your home, office, coffee shop, bistro, concession stand, or kiosk. Bulk disposable hot cups reduce waste while ensuring efficiency.

Client:Sunshine Cafe
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