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Digital Printing Sample

Digital Printing Sample

Digital printing samples can be customized in size and material, but the printing effect is different for digital printing. The only difference from the pre-production samples is that there will be a certain color difference. But at the same time, it is much cheaper than pre-production samples.

What's Included

Here's what's included and excluded in a digital printing sample:

✔️Custom size
✔️Custom material


❌ Finishes (e.g. matte, glossy)
❌ Add-ons (e.g. foil stamping, embossing)

Note: Digital printing samples are made with sampling machines, so these samples might be harder to fold, and you may see some small creases/tears in the paper.


For each digital printing sample, you will receive:

✅ 1 dieline* of the digital printing sample
✅ 1 digital printing sample delivered to your doorstep

*Note: dielines for inserts are only provided as part of our structural design service.

Process & Timeline

Generally, digital printing samples take 3-5 days to complete and 7-10 days to ship.

1. Specify requirements

Choose the packaging type and define the specs (e.g. size, material).

2. Place order

Place your sample order and make payment in full.

3. Create dieline (2-3 days)

We'll create the dieline for you to add your artwork to.

4. Send artwork

Add your artwork to the dieline and send it back to us for approval.

5. Create sample (3-5 days)

The sample will be printed based on the artwork file you've sent over.

6. Ship sample (7-10 days)

We'll send photos and mail the physical sample to your specified address.


Structural samples are available for all packaging types.

USD 65+Paper cups & bowls, Paper box for food, Paper bag
Custom quoteTissue paperpaper cup holderscup paper sleevescold cup lidswrapping paper

Reimbursement Policy

If you place a production order where the specifications are identical to the digital printing sample you ordered, you are eligible for a reimbursement of the digital printing sample fee. Here are the reimbursement terms for each structural sample purchased:

50% of the sample feeMinimum order value of USD 800 (excluding shipping) per packaging type, or volume of 500 units per packaging type.
100% of the sample feeMinimum order value of USD 1500 (excluding shipping) per packaging type, or volume of 2000 units per packaging type.

For example, if you've purchased 2 identical digital printing samples, you will need to meet the reimbursement criteria twice in order to get a full reimbursement for both samples (e.g. packaging order value of USD 1500 x 2 or 2000 units x 2).

Revisions & Redesigns

Before placing an order for a digital printing sample, please double check the specifications and details of your sample. Changes in scope after the sample has been created will come with additional costs.

Revision (no additional fees)The box lid is too tight and it's hard to open the box
The box doesn't close properly
Redesign (additional sample fees)Changing the packaging type
Changing the size
Changing the material

Get Started

Start by customizing your packaging on our platform to get an initial quote. If the quote is within your budget, you can then make a request for a sample.