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Custom Custom Printed Popcorn Paper Bag

Custom Printed Popcorn Paper Bag

I purchase these popcorn paper bags for my client's party. Actually, I want to let you know we can use these bags to pack popcorn and bread, biscuits, and other foods. Whether it's taking it to a picnic, or party, or heading to the theater, it's a great gift. The popcorn holders can be used in cinemas, parties, schools, etc.

TrustPrints give me different sizes of bag selection. So it has enough capacity for the cake, snack, and popcorn. And the paper bag is of good quality; The popcorn paper bag contains a grease-resistant layer to prevent leakage of butter, oil, etc. This keeps your hands and clothes clean and tidy. At the same time, the popcorn paper bag is thick enough to insulate. So don't worry, the popcorn will leak the oil.
These are worth purchasing. I am sure many other offerings are just as pleasing, but these do the job. They give you good service and quality. TrustPrints do the best!

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