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Custom Double-wall 16oz Paper Coffee Cup

Double-wall 16oz Paper Coffee Cup

Enjoy life is a shop that sells “happy coffee” to people, the owner of the shop hopes everyone enjoys their life, and when feeling down, can have time for a cup of coffee, encourage themselves, and feel happy again.

TrustPrints makes a coffee cup for “Enjoy life” which uses recyclable and food-grade material and high-quality double wallpaper. The function of the double wallpaper design is when people hold the coffee cup will not feel hot; the safe food grade material helps people not need to worry about health and enjoy the coffee time.

“It is happy working with TrustPrints; they always provide professional suggestions and good customer service and successfully do what I want every time. As my business is not very big, the quantity is less, but they still help me make the best coffee cup for me at a better price. If you start your business and don't know how to choose to package, strongly recommend the TrustPrints team.”

Client:Enjoy Life
Category:Paper coffee cup