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Custom Single-wall 16oz Paper Coffee Cup

Single-wall 16oz Paper Coffee Cup

“Hello, olden days” is a brand of coffee in the UK; the name of this coffee brand was originally from his youth. He enjoyed drinking coffee with his girlfriend when they were young and in this memorable relationship, which was a very happy thing. So he created his own coffee brand hoping people have time to recall the past.

TrustPrints make coffee cups for“Hello, olden time,” which use recyclable and food grade material, single wall paper but high quality. The thick single wall paper, when holding hot coffee, can feel warm on hand, not hot. Then in winter, can let a person feel comfortable; on the surface of the cup, print soft words and cute patterns, and help people feel encouraged.

“I have cooperated with TrustPrints for a long time, and they make a high-quality cup for me every time. When I started my business, I knew them, from a low MOQ to a large demand; we helped each other grow up. I feel so happy we can work together all the way and grow up together; they are the best partner. ”

Client:Hello, olden days
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