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Custom Custom Printed Paper Cups' Lid

Custom Printed Paper Cups' Lid

Jisoo owned an inc cream shop located in Australia Sydney; when Jisoo was younger, she liked ice cream in summer, but her family won't allow her to eat too much every day, afraid she would get ill, then Jisoo always tried to make ice cream by herself, via using some ice and milk mix together, and some other food. Now Jisoo has grown up, and she has her own shop.

TrustPrints make Custom Printed Paper Cups' Lid for Jisoo’s shop; it is a little special, as Jisoo ordered a set of a cup with lid for her shop, but most of the lids broke when during shipping, then we made new lids for her; the material of lid is thick paper card food grade and eco-friendly and print colorful pattern on the lid, the cute pattern can Capture customer attention and take them.

“I am so pleased to meet the TrustPrints; they help me so much with the cup and lid for my ice cream; I felt so sad about the lids when they arrived. Most of them are damaged due to shipping, but TrustPrints are so awesome they help me solve that; make them again for me; I will definitely cooperate with them again!”

Client:Wonderful in Summer
Category:Paper cold cup lids